Ticket Exchange

March 9th, 2020

Friendly Reminder

The ticket exchange is a service to connect our members. Tickets may only be sold or exchanged at face value and only if they are not restricted from being sold (or as otherwise stipulated by UT Athletics). We know you love your season tickets, so please be sure to adhere to policies set forth by UT Athletics. The Chapter is not responsible for actions taken by the Athletic Department as a result of any misuse of the ticket exchange or ticket policy.

You may also take advantage of Member Ticket Services at the Alumni Center on game days.

Need Tickets

Jon Levy is looking for 4 tickets to the LSU game in Baton Rogue on September 12th. Please contact me at jlevy@plainscapital.com or 512-965-0878.

Tickets for Sale

No postings currently.


To Post or Request tickets

Send the following information to ddg@utexas.edu .

Please post my Longhorn Event Items on the Houston Chapter Ticket Exchange.

(Please edit this statement appropriately)

Your Name wants/has # of tickets to which game, include section, row, and seat if appropriate.

Please contact Hm: XXX-XXX-XXXX, Wk: XXX-XXX-XXXX, or Email: yourEmail@Address

Ticket Exchange is maintained on the Texas Exes Houston Chapter webpage so that persons with additional University of Texas events tickets, along with any lodging and/or travel arrangements, may post these items in a location known to other longhorn fans. The Houston Chapter Ticket Exchange should be used to keep University of Texas events packed with longhorn fans,not as a for-profit or scalping tool.

Let someone else come early, be loud, stay late, and wear orange!

Texas Exes Houston Chapter cannot be responsible for individuals who misuse this service. We urge you to use caution when buying, selling, or trading tickets with people you do not know.

Note to All Exchange Users

  • Be vigilant against unscrupulous responders to posted requests for tickets.
  • Never trust anyone on the internet, especially anyone out of state.
  • Tickets are mailed in mid to late August, no one has tickets to sell in July or prior.
  • Always visually inspect the tickets before transferring any money.
  • Meet at a public place, bring friends, and have them loiter nearby.
  • Do not send money to people you don't know & hope they'll send you tickets.